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Welcome to HorseBreedsList is a young website that is trying to unite all horse breeds in one place. Website is for educational purposes, and our goal is to bring as much information as possible about every breed of horses.

We also have various horse related articles that you can read.

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The provides an equestrian community for horse lovers to discuss all aspects of horses, horse care and horse riding, ask advice from other horse owners and riders, offer support to those seeking advice about horses, horse care and horse riding, and share experiences with other horse owners and riders.

Here you can share your thoughts, opinions and experiences and upload your pictures through our horse forum section.

You can also share with us some horse articles.

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Italian Heavy Draft

In appearance, the Italian Draft is a highly attractive, cobby-type horse with a quality head for a horse of its weight. They are of medium size, standing at between 15 and 16 hh, and have a compact, muscular body with well-sprung ribs and a strong back. The shoulders are generally good and very powerful, they are deep through the girth and have rounded, muscular quarters. They tend to have a... read more
Newest horse breed

American Saddlebred

The breed has a willing and "can do" temperament and genuinely like to be around people. Appearing fiery to the casual observer, they are the ultimate riding horse and can excel in any discipline. The ideal American Saddlebred is well-proportioned and presents a spectacular picture. Its head should be well-shaped with large, wide-set... read more
Interesting horse related articles

A Case of Laminitis

One day in late March I noticed our mare lying down in the field. This wasn’t unusual as every so often she could be found resting on the ground and basking in the sun. I didn’t think anything of it and went about my way. When it was time for her afternoon feeding, she had come in from the field and was eagerly waiting her rations.

The following day I looked out and once again ... read more

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Controlled energy in forward movement of the... read more
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